A virtual event is essentially an event that you can attend from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or wherever else you can think of, through your personal computer or mobile device. Think of it as attending a regular Entraine’s conferences but with the ability to engage with anyone else that is attending a conference either physically or online. We are bringing two worlds together for a shared unique experience!
A detailed email will be sent out to all our attendees 48hrs prior
Register for the virtual event by clicking on the “BOOK NOW” option. Follow the on screen instructions and submit the form. Your form will be evaluated by our team and once confirmed, you will receive a formal welcome letter. This process is the same as registering for the in-person conference option but with a unique ID that lets us know that you should be receiving additional information regarding how to attend with detailed instructions and a link to access the conference from anywhere!
The Virtual Conference is absolutely free for all Decision Makers.
Most up to date computers and mobile devices such as laptops, desktops, and handheld tablets are capable of running the virtual event for you.
On the morning of the event, you will receive a reminder that will look a lot like the initial virtual event email that you will have received a couple of weeks prior to the event. This will also contain a link that will automatically login to your account, and access the event page. The system will allow you into the Session, 45 minutes before the session starts. This way, you can Network with other attendees.

Watch our video - Take a VIRTUAL tour